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Shark Cage Oahu - Swim with Sharks in Oahu

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Oahu Shark Cage Tour

  • This two hour tour will get you up close and personal with Hawaii's sharks
  • Sharks range from 5-15 feet and can come just inches from the cage
  • Bring a camera to get amazing photos of the beautiful creatures in crystal clear waters off Oahu's North Shore

Oahu Shark Cage Adventures

All shark cage tours in Oahu are located on the North Shore leaving from the small craft harbor of Haleiwa.

The shark diving tour boats go out approximately 3-4 miles and allow for participants to enter the cage while the sharks circle

You will be privided with a mask and snorkel (or you can bring your own)

Fins are not required as you will not need to swim any distance inside of the cage

If any members of your party are not comfortable getting into the water they can stay aboard the tour boat and view the sharks from the surface

What to bring:

  • Hat and sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Towel and swimming attire
  • Your sense of adventure!

Oahu's Sharks

Oahu is home to many oceanic sharks ranging from 5 to over 15 feet in length

Here are some of the species of sharks that you may see on your shark cage tour

Tiger Shark Niuhi

The tiger shark can reach over 18 feet at its largest at will eat a variety of marine animals including our Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles

Galapagos Shark

The galapagos shark can reach up to 12 feet but the largest reported in Hawaii was just under 10 feet. This shark feeds on mostly bottom fish

Black Tip Shark

The Blacktip Shark can reach to about 8 feet in length and will eat squid, octopus as well as a variety of fish

Big Nose Shark

The bignose shark can get up to just under 10 feet in length. It will eat a variety of deep water fish including rays and other sharks